Community Based Fundraising

The Junior League of Billings plans to implement the new trend of community-based fundraising this year, to the benefit of our local community and our Junior League of Billings, as well as those agencies who partner with us.

Community-based or mission-based fundraising is a new effort in which we will be partnering with local businesses or organizations to sponsor us as we provide the volunteers and perform a service in their name and ours.  The amount of impact we can make in our community is limitless.  We hope to find amazing people to sponsor and partner with us.  Community-based fundraising will not deplete our hard-earned funds like event-based fundraising does, allowing us more resources to spread the Junior League’s mission of promoting volunteerism, developing the potential of women, and improving the community.

Why partner with the Junior League of Billings? The JLB unleashes the power of women working together to create and lead community change.  Wise Wonders, the local children’s museum began as a Junior League project and is now a nonprofit organization.  Early Childhood Intervention Services and the Montana Rescue Mission are just a couple of agencies that the Junior League of Billings has partnered with and continues to provide support.  Our most recent signature project has been No Cost Laundry Days in partnership with local laundromats to allow families the opportunity to clean their laundry without the burden of payment.  The JLB proves that anything can be accomplished with a group of women working together and supporting each other.

When we begin meeting this Fall, the whole League will receive training about community and mission-based fundraising.  Our Fund Development Council is as excited to share their knowledge as we are to learn and try new things.  As a League we are excited share our knowledge with the Billings community. We look forward to wonderful partnerships and the new relationships we will make.  

You can donate to the Junior League of Billings today by clicking the following link.

Post Written By JLB Member, Amber Erlenbusch

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