Women’s History Month

March is Women’s History Month! As a woman and a member of the Junior League of Billings, I am extremely proud of the legacy that the Junior League is leaving in our history. Junior League is making an impact every day in our world, country, city and our personal lives.

The Junior League is proud to have a number of famous influential women as past members.  Please visit the following link to the AJLI website to view a number of amazing women that have been members of the Junior League.  This link lists Shirley Temple Black, Barbara Bush, Julia Child, Betty Ford, Katherine Hepburn, Nancy Reagan, Eleanor Roosevelt, and more.   Extraordinary Women

All of these women are astounding, but the women of the Junior League of Billings have also accomplished extraordinary undertakings right here in our community! For a list of the many of the accomplishments of the Junior League of Billings visit JLB Accomplishments.  JLB has been responsible for a number of hugely impactful projects to include, the Wise Wonders, a Montana Children’s Museum, Tumbleweed Runaway Program, Venture into Schools, and the Playground for All Children at Rose Park.

Community Impact is only part of the Junior League’s mission.  We are also devoted to empowering women.  I can’t help but wonder what part the Junior League played in the many extraordinary women’s’ lives listed above.  The Junior League of Billings is also developing everyday leaders in our community.  The League provides opportunities for members to become leaders within councils, on projects and committees, and serve on the board.  Women of Billings have been recognized as leaders within the Junior League of Billings for almost 50 years.  For a list of past presidents and volunteers of the year you can visit Presidents and Volunteers.  The JLB has recently started to extend our leadership training to women outside our league and into the Billings community.  We have hosted two Women’s Leadership conferences.  We hope to bring in more great speakers and training to the women of Billings in the near future.

As a League we can be extremely proud of our history as women. I am very excited to see what the future of the Association of Junior Leagues International and the Junior League of Billings brings to our world!


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