Free Laundry Days


Upcoming Events:

January 25, 2020

10 AM – 2:00 PM

Free Laundry Day to be held at BYO Laundry

46 Broadwater Avenue

February’s Free Laundry Day is being sponsored by Matt the Painter and hosted by the Junior League of Billings.

 The average cost of hosting a four-hour laundry day is $550.  The Junior League of Billings appreciates our community partners and their commitment to improving our community!  We hope to continue having our community members sponsor laundry days as long as they are needed.  If you are interested in sponsoring a Free Laundry Day, please contact the Junior Leauge of Billings at (406) 652-6272.

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If you are interested in sponsoring or hosting a Free Laundry Day with the Junior League of Billings, please contact our office at 652-6272.

Junior League of Billings Helps With Laundry

JLB Helps with Laundry


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