Who We Are

The Junior League of Billings is an organization committed to improving our community by training women to be effective civic leaders. We are currently working to increase learning opportunities and the potential to thrive for families and children in our community. Founded in 1954, the League started many well known organizations, including the Tumbleweed Runaway Program, Venture into the Schools and Wise Wonders, A Montana Children’s Museum.

Our Community Focus

We as the Junior League of Billings are currently focused on Homelessness and Poverty. We are currently working to increase learning opportunities and the potential to thrive in children and families in the Billings community. We partner with many local agencies in Billings to provide enrichment opportunities, vital necessities including diapers and hygiene supplies for children and families. We have partnered with Tumbleweed, Montana Rescue Mission, United Way, BYO Laundry, and many other agencies, nonprofits, businesses and community members. Our most recent signature project has been Free Laundry Days in partnership with local laundry facilities to allow families the opportunity to clean their clothes, bedding, coats without the burden of payment. Our current focus on homelessness and poverty did not suffer from the pandemic and quarantine. We were able to safely hold monthly laundry days and even tried out a new method of service, Laundry Angels. Each laundry day and each quarter that we give away changes the life of each person we serve.


The Junior League of Billings facilitates leadership training and development for all women. For instance, a woman working in healthcare can volunteer in fund development or public relations, broadening her skill set. This is vital to our mission and sets the Junior League of Billings apart from other service organizations.

Over the past five years, the Junior League of Billings has held the Montana Women’s Leadership Conference open to our members and the public, bringing in developmental speakers including nationally known speakers, Vicki Clark, Dale Smith Thomas, Donna Hartley, and Ashley Rhodes Courter, and numerous local leaders and speakers.

Helen Laferriere, President

Welcome From Our President

Hi! My name is Helen Laferriere and I have the honor and privilege of being the president of the Junior League of Billings for 2021-2022. The Junior League of Billings has a long history in Billings and started serving the community in the 1950s. In keeping with our tradition and mission, we continue to remain dedicated to improving our community while focusing on poverty and homelessness. We continue to offer free laundry once a month at a local laundry mat. The Junior League of Billings continues to be dedicated to not only improving our community but developing the potential of women and promoting volunteerism. We will host our 6th annual Montana Women’s Leadership Conference in February 2022. I look forward to serving as president working with the Board of Directors to continue to positively impact our community. 

The Junior League of Billings continues to be grateful to our members and sponsors who make our efforts possible! 

Thank you for visiting our website and let us know if you have any questions!

We have the responsibility to act, and we have the opportunity to conscientiously act to affect the environment about us.” -Mary Hariman, founder of the Junior League